3 Things to Consider for Great Views from Your Home

Providing great views for your home is one of the primary functions of windows. Looking at an enchanting view can be mentally stimulating and relaxing. If you want your windows to provide the best views possible, you need to consider several things. Renewal by Andersen® of Greater Maine gives you some guidelines for securing great views.

Renewal by Andersen Window Replacement

Use the Right Window Size

Your windows connect your indoor and outdoor spaces, and if you want to create a stronger connection and view, you can start by increasing the size of your window. For instance, instead of a series of small windows grouped together, a single large window will create a better effect. Since our replacement windows in Belfast, ME (and the surrounding Greater Maine area) are custom-made for your home. We can make them in any size you desire. To make the room feel even more open and connected to the outdoors, go for a casement or sliding window.

Place Your Windows Correctly

Your windows’ location is also important. Consider placing your window in positions where they frame what you want to see and block what you don’t. Imagine placing a window higher than usual so you don’t see unsightly pavement, but instead, view a neighbor’s beautiful garden. Think of your window like a frame that captures images that you want to see. Finally, remember how people will usually observe your views. You need different window placements depending on whether they stand or sit down, such as the dining room.

Remember Your Privacy

Windows create a connection, but that connection works both ways. For rooms that need privacy, use smaller windows or windows placed higher than usual to block views of your interior. Also, consider using our decorative or textured glass for your replacement windows in Corinth, ME, and the surrounding areas. This glass can let sunlight illuminate your home without compromising your privacy. For total control over your view, you can also use blinds and curtains to block your windows when needed.

These tips will help you get your views just right. If you need replacement windows that will give you fantastic views then we can help. We’ve made our window frames from a durable composite material called Fibrex®. This means our frames are strong and can accommodate large panels of glass. With an expanded viewing area, it’s easy to get the views you want. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our windows or to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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