4 Reasons to Replace Windows

Window replacements are not cheap. They are major investments that have a major impact on your home—specifically when it comes to comfort and energy efficiency. So how do you know it is time to take that leap and get replacement windows? Renewal by Andersen® of Greater Maine looks at four great reasons to do it:

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1. You find your furniture fading.

One of the best reasons to get replacement windows is to protect your furniture and furnishings. Paintings on the wall, rugs, and even your couch are all vulnerable to the effects of UV light, which causes colors to fade and leather to harden and crack. Our window options feature low-emissivity coatings that keep UV light out of your home.

2. You’re experiencing chilly drafts.

When you feel a sudden chill at home, it is not always because of the weather. Your windows may be partly to blame. This is especially true when your windows are at an age where the seals are already faulty. Apart from discomfort in your household, this can raise your energy bills as you rely on artificial means to heat things up. A new and properly installed window will have brand new seals to go with it.

3. You’re finding moisture anywhere.

Another great reason to go for replacement windows is to keep the water out. This problem often comes hand in hand with drafts, as both water and air infiltrate by the same seal breaches. Moisture is a little more insidious, however, as it can cause plenty of damage to your home via rot and the promotion of mold growth. Both of these entail costly repairs and can be prevented with quality replacement windows.

4. You want energy efficiency.

New windows from Renewal by Andersen of Greater Maine feature innovative Fibrex® frames and High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass panes. Both of these lower your dependence on artificial heating and cooling methods by carefully regulating heat transfer. This means that you save more money off of your monthly energy bills.

If these four reasons apply to you or you simply want to know more about your options, call Renewal by Andersen of Greater Maine today at(207) 368-6188. We will be more than happy to walk you through the benefits you can enjoy when you invest in us.

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