Balanced Lighting & Windows: Top 4 Tips

All windows bring in natural lighting. The problem is that placing them haphazardly doesn’t make for optimal lighting. Getting the right balance of lighting requires a little bit of thought and some legwork. Renewal by Andersen® of Greater Maine gives 4 tips you need to know to get that balance right.


1. Start with the right windows.

If balanced lighting is the goal, then it makes sense to pick windows that are ideal for the role. We recommend picture windows as these fixed frame options provide the clearest pane area. If you want to throw a little ventilation into the mix, you can also consider casement or sliding windows as both of these still feature wide frames. The only difference is casement and sliding windows can open.

2. Know where the light is.

Knowing where your home lies on the sun’s east-west track will help you plan where to place your windows to maximize the amount of light you can draw into your home. It can seem somewhat limiting considering you cannot move your house, but chances are they will be the living room and the patio.

3. Cover important rooms first.

For other rooms that run perpendicular to the east-west track, you have to be a bit more creative. Clustering windows together is one way to go. It might cost a bit more, but it’s ultimately worth it. Any natural lighting will save energy due to less dependence on artificial lighting.

4. Even out the light sources.

The only difficulty with natural lighting is the glare that often accompanies it, especially when the sun is high. The trick is to set up a light source directly opposing the light from your windows. If you can set up windows opposing each other, that’s even better.

With careful planning, you can set your home up to receive a lot of natural light with all the benefits that it brings. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and we’ll help you pick out the best window options for your home, as well as help you plan the layouts for balanced lighting.

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