Key Green Home Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

Going green is popular these days. While it is also becoming commonplace among contractors, few people actually realize what it entails. Renewal by Andersen® of Greater Maine provides everything you need to know when it comes to green homes. We also look at how this matters to you.

Sliding Replacement Window in Home

1. What is a green home?
The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) notes that green homes are built or upgraded with environmental considerations in mind. These homes are efficient in the management of resources during building and for the lifetime of the home. Ultimately, it is a practical response to a global problem.

2. What makes a green home work?
Green homes are more than just about using recycled components in their construction; they also need to sustain their efficient characteristics for longer. Renewal by Andersen of Greater Maine uses Fibrex® for its frames and High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass for its panes. Apart from both being made from reclaimed materials, these also make our replacement windows highly energy-efficient.

3. How popular is it?
In a survey conducted by GuildQuality focusing on green homes, 94% said they were strongly inclined to recommend this type of home to others. Meanwhile, nearly 95% mentioned that they were completely happy with what a green home had to offer.

4. Why is it popular?
The same study showed that much of the motivation lies in personal preference of doing the right thing. There were also those who adhered to the concept of a community-wide environmental consciousness. A few more believed that green homes were simply of a higher quality. With Renewal by Andersen of Greater Maine, rest assured that our windows and doors are environmentally friendly, while still being high-quality products.

5. Why does it matter to you?
Ultimately, investing in a green home is all about conservation. With our replacement windows, you can benefit from greater savings. As these are ultimately efficient regulators of heat, our windows will help you save on heating costs this winter. Moreover, you help save the limited resources used to generate power, and the earth as a whole.

For windows and doors that look great and ensure more savings, count on Renewal by Andersen of Greater Maine. We offer a range of high-quality windows and doors that come in different styles, designs, and colors. Call us today at(207) 368-6188, or fill out our online form, and we will help your home achieve true green status.

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