Life Hacks – Rolling Away Debris

BeforeScreenCleaningLintRoller-RedAs we get closer to fall you might notice that cobwebs have appeared around your windows over the summer, and as we know it’s not just the webs…they catch everything floating in the air. If you’d like a quick way to remove cobwebs from your windows, we might have just the fix you’re looking for! Quickly get those screens cleaned up without removing them, by using a lint roller to catch all the webs and debris! Just be sure not to push too hard and damage your screen.  

We tested this out here at the office and it worked well, the only issue we ran into was not being able to reach very high because we have large windows so you might need a ladder, but overall it was a success! So if you want to clear up your view before winter give this hack a try.

ScreenCleaningLintRoller-ReducedThis was a quick and easy way for us to improve the look of our exterior, we’d love to hear if it works for you!  

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