Top 3 Things to Know about Net Zero

The US Department of Energy defines “Net Zero” homes as those of high-efficiency that can depend on renewable energy systems for their annual energy consumption. These systems include solar arrays and the like, which are normally low-yield relative to power plants. These types of homes are paving the way for less dependence on finite resource systems.

photo of high efficiency windows

Renewal by Andersen® of Greater Maine looks at three reasons you should try this concept.

1. The technology is attainable.
The technology behind Net Zero is not too pricey. In fact, it can be as simple as investing in a window replacement. Renewal by Andersen of Greater Maine offers windows that are effective at regulating temperatures. This is a key component of energy efficiency. When heat is kept indoors during the winter, it lessens your reliance on artificial heating and cooling. This, in turn, lowers your home’s energy consumption.

2. The concept is very affordable.
Many of the complaints levied against “green” concepts revolve around costs. Renewal by Andersen of Greater Maine uses reclaimed and recycled components for our frames and panes. For our Fibrex® frames, we use reclaimed wood fibers and thermoplastic polymers. For our High-Performance™ Low-E4® panes, we use recycled glass. Both components are far more durable than other modern equivalents, making for better investments.

3. There is no compromise on looks.
Aesthetics used to be a major problem when it came to “green” projects. They used to tend to look very plain and bland. Renewal by Andersen of Greater Maine never compromises on aesthetics. We carry a range of beautiful window styles—from traditional double-hung to contemporary casement windows. You also have your pick from a range of colors and finishes, ensuring you can customize your windows and doors.

Environmental change will not happen overnight. A bold solution is essential to preserve much for future generations. With an investment in Renewal by Andersen of Greater Maine’s unique brand of energy-efficient windows, you can take a step towards Net Zero.

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